Once upon a time, not so long ago, we stumbled upon a big surprise on a website named TradeMe. That surprise? A bright, eye-catching convertible Pink Limo! We were excited, and without a second thought, we decided to bring it to our lovely city of Christchurch. Arriving on Valentine’s day 2011, it was an instant hit! Everywhere we went, there were smiles, waves, and camera flashes. The Pink Limo was like a celebrity on wheels!

2011 was a challenging year for Christchurch due to the earthquakes. Many were sad and worried, but amidst the rubble and recovery, our Pink Limo became a shining light. We would drive through the streets, stop, roll out the Pink carpet, open the back door and invite them in. People would come chat, share their stories, and even snap a fun photo with the limo. For a few moments, our Pink Limo helped people bring their happy back.

Now, many believe that limos are super fancy cars just for big events, like weddings. Our limos have been part of so many different adventures! From kids celebrating their birthdays, to people singing their heart out on the way to concerts, every trip has its special story. And, one of the coolest things? Some of our coolest moments when we take our passengers to meet our fluffy Alpacas and clucky chickens. It’s always a hit, especially with the kids!

Our amazing drivers, with their big smiles and warm hearts, make every ride feel special. They’re not just any drivers; they’re like superheroes without capes! They have this magic touch that turns every journey into a special memory.

From that first Pink Limo, our family has grown. Now, we have a whole fleet of limos, each with its own tales of fun and friendship. We have one mission: to spread happiness on wheels! So, if you’re ready for a joyride full of laughs, stories, and maybe a few furry friends, come and join the fun. Our fleet of Pink, White and Blue Limos are waiting for you!