Ask Yourself This: Are You a Bus Person or a Limo Person?

There are four main ways to get from Lyttelton Harbour to the heart of Christchurch: bus, taxi, Uber, or a luxury limousine.

As frequent travellers ourselves, when we cruise into a port, we get a limousine whenever we can. This way, we travel in style, we get to do things on our own schedule (and not the schedule of a large group), we get to avoid the long lines and maddening crowds, and as a bonus, we get to travel in spacious, relaxed luxury.

And so can you.

VIP Cruise Tours: Christchurch Awaits You

Ahoy, esteemed travelers! Step ashore and immerse yourself in the wonders of Christchurch with our luxurious limousine service, tailored exclusively for cruise passengers. From the moment you disembark to your return, experience the best of this vibrant city with the elegance and comfort deserving of a VIP like you.

A Sophisticated Welcome to the Garden City Christchurch, with its blend of historical charm and modern vibrance, deserves nothing but a grand tour. Our fleet, encompassing the breezy allure of convertibles and the classic sophistication of hard-tops, ensures that your exploration is nothing short of opulent.

Your Personalized Christchurch Exploration As visitors to our beautiful city, every moment is precious. Our VIP Cruise Tours are tailored to encapsulate the city’s essence, guiding you through its iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and picturesque spots. But beyond the must-sees, we are keen to customize the journey based on your interests, be it architecture, gardens, or local culture.

Informed Chauffeurs, Memorable Insights Our chauffeurs are not merely drivers; they’re passionate ambassadors of Christchurch. With deep knowledge of the city’s history, culture, and anecdotes, they enrich your tour with stories and facts, transforming it from a mere sightseeing trip into a captivating narrative of the city.

Comfort, Luxury, and a Glimpse of the Local Life Within the plush confines of our limousines, you’ll find an atmosphere carefully curated to reflect Christchurch’s elegance. Revel in the comfort while catching glimpses of local life, perhaps with some soft local tunes in the background or a glass of renowned Canterbury wine in hand.

Setting sail and exploring new horizons is an adventure, and we believe that the exploration shouldn’t pause when you dock. With our VIP Cruise Tours, every moment in Christchurch becomes a continuation of your journey, filled with luxury, insights, and unforgettable memories. Welcome ashore, and let’s discover Christchurch together, in style!